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What is Lawn19?

Lawn19 is meant to be a replacement for the modern web, and a cohesive map for navigating surviving/contemporary old web content. It is a collaborative extensive webring project made with the intention of being used in place of a search engine to find the content one desires.

Why use old web over modern web?

There are many reasons why someone would prefer old web content to the modern web.

Here are a few:


The modern web is full of nasty tracking and advertising, things which are impossible in old web content which primarily utilizes HTML & CSS. And that's not to mention services like search engines and social media, which are privacy-violating by nature.
It's all so tiresome, really.


Anyone can get involved in old web design with simple HTML & CSS. This makes web pages much more personal, a labor of love that anyone can dedicate themselves to, with personal webrings making exploration of the web enjoyable within itself.


Another common desire is re-decentralization of the web, making it feel more like... well, a web, instead of four to five sites having a monopoly on everything.


Modern websites are full of bloat and slow load times for content that could be delivered easily and quickly throughout older means. Notice how fast any page in our directory loads compared to modern sites.


Maybe you grew up with old web, or maybe you just prefer it to the bland and homogenous material white spaces that modern web design has devolved to. Either way, this is just as valid a reason to prefer using old web as any other.