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[SFW] [Live] Everything2 -- User-generated fiction archive [link] added 10/11/19 by ~proto


[SFW] [Inactive] T E X T F I L E S -- Text file archive [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev

Philosophy & Politics

[SFW] [Dead] The Marx/Engels Internet Archive -- Marx/Engels archive [archive] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev

Web Archives

[SFW] [Live] Internet Underground Music Archive -- Underground music archive hosted on archive.org [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Oocities -- Geocities archival [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] WayBackMachine -- Webpage archival hosted on archive.org [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev



[SFW] [Inactive] Jeffrey's Japanese-English Dictionary -- Online Japanese-English dictionary [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev


[SFW] [Live] Akiyoshi's illusion pages -- Optical illusions [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Mars Pathfinder -- NASA Mars Pathfinder page [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev



[SFW] [Inactive] JAPANESE KITE COLLECTION -- Japanese kite shop [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Pinball Map -- Crowdsourced map of public pinball machines [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev


Anime & Manga

[SFW] [Live] Absolute Anime -- Anime fansite & database [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[NSFW] [Live] Aeris Dies -- Hentai gallery [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[NSFW] [Inactive] Animetric.com -- Anime & hentai fansite [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] Anipike -- Anime fansite [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Baka-Updates Manga -- Manga updates, news, reviews, etc [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] CrossEyes Hideout -- Dorohedoro fansite [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] Destiny -- Berserk Fanlisting [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] Doki Doki Productions -- Anime fansite [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[NSFW] [Inactive] Earth CG Gallery -- Digital anime art gallery [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] Full-time Meganekko -- Anime fansite [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Goods Republic -- Anime merch shop [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] HorribleSubs -- Anime fansub group [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] MyAnimeList -- Anime database & social network [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] MyFigureCollection -- Anime figure database & collection site [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Nyaa -- Anime & manga torrent site [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] Ottawa Anime -- Anime fansite [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Dead] psyCKo-Manga -- German anime & manga fansite [archive] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Seiyuu Database -- Japanese voice actor database [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Dead] Welcome to the anime world -- Anime fansite [archive] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] The Yuka Takeuchi Fan's Severe Waste of Time -- Anime fansite [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] Zzyzx Road -- Anime fansite [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev

Television & Film

[SFW] [Live] FULL CIRCLE -- Star Wars: Episode VI fanlisting [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Dead] ren and stimpy dot org -- Ren & Stimpy fansite [archive] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] The Seinfeld Hate Page -- Seinfeld hate site [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev


[SFW] [Live] The Joy of Tech -- Tech humor webcomic [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] MS Paint Adventures -- A selection of primarily reader-driven webcomics often utilizing flash elements [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] StoneToss -- Political humor webcomic [link] [webmaster] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev



[SFW] [Inactive] The Anti Marilyn Moron Society -- Marilyn Manson hate site [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] BeatlesNews.com -- Beatles fansite [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Coil -- Coil fansite [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Death Metal Underground -- Metal fansite [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] DigitalJams.com -- Electronica archive [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Home Page Replica -- Captain Beefheart fansite [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] The Internet Beatles Album -- Beatles fansite [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] Noisembryo -- Noise music fansite [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Nurse With Wound -- Nurse With Wound fansite [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] RaymondWatts.com -- Raymond Watts/PIG fansite [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] Skinny Puppy Central -- Skinny Puppy fansite [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Soviet France -- Soviet France fansite [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] The Throbbing Gristle pages -- Throbbing Gristle fansite [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev


[SFW] [Live] Prust Banjos -- Fretless banjos made to order [link] [webmaster] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Theremin World -- Theremin articles & resources [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev


[SFW] [Inactive] 20kbps rec. -- Net-label [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] abulia concepts -- Net-label [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] CONTRA Recordings -- Net-label [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] Digital Vomit Records -- Net-label [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] Dramacore Netlabel -- Netlabel for breakcore, IDM, & experimental music [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] FASHION PROOF -- Net-label [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] HEXAWE -- Net-label for Piggy Tracker releases [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] Illphabetik -- Experimental music net-label [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] Northern Lord -- Net-label [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] Overthruster 2006 -- Net-label release tracker [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] Proc Records -- Electronic music net-label [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] tanzprocesz -- French net-label [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev

Official Pages

[SFW] [Inactive] Butthole Surfers -- Butthole Surfers band page [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] [ download ] -- Download band page [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] JG Thirlwell -- J.G. Thirlwell's page [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] KMFDM ROCKS -- KMFDM band page [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] The Residents -- The Residents website [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Susan Lawly -- Exclusive label for Cut Hands, Whitehouse, and Extreme Music [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev


Electronic Mail

[SFW] [Live] Cock.li E-mail Hosting -- Anonymous email service [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] ProtonMail -- Encrypted email provider [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev


[NSFW] [Live] 4chan -- Anonymous imageboard with boards covering a wide arrange of topics both SFW and NSFW [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] 4channel -- 4chan minus the NSFW boards [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[NSFW] [Live] 420chan -- Anonymous imageboard for drug users [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[NSFW] [Live] JulayWorld -- Anonymous imageboard where anyone may request a board [link] [webmaster] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] UboaChan -- Anonymous imageboard focused around the game Yume Nikki, dreams, and shut-ins [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev


[SFW] [Live] Anti-Wintermute Webring -- A webring of "actual websites" hosted on texti.es [link] [webmaster] [archive] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Imageboard/Chan Webring -- A webring of imageboards hosted on texti.es [link] [webmaster] [archive] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Lawn19 Webdirectory -- Webdirectory managed by yours truly ;) [link] [webmaster] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev

News & Political



[SFW] [Live] RipTheSystem.com -- Libertarian link page [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev


Art Blogs & Galleries

[SFW] [Live] BRUTE! -- The art of Aidan Hughes [link] [webmaster] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] efafh.com -- The artwork of efafh [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] Dave Titus Illustrations -- Illustrations by Dave Titus [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev

Personal Websites & Blogs

[SFW] [Inactive] THE CASTLE OF LOGAN FARLANE -- Logan Farlane's webpage [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] CyberDen -- Peter Stone's personal website [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] The homepage of Tilman Hausherr -- Tilman Hausherr's personal website [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] JimZim.net -- Jim Zimmerlin's personal & photography website [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] Me, Myself, & I -- Sam Manzie's webpage [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Nathan's Toasty Technology -- Technology themed webpage [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] Thought Repository -- Rant website [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Timothy W Macinta -- Timothy W Macinta's webpage [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Twilight Visions -- Personal website [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Dead] Ulillillia City -- Ulillillia's webpage [archive] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] ViciousGrin -- Personal website [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] Watson's WorldWideWasteofTime Page -- Personal website with an emphasis on music and anime [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev


File Hosting

[SFW] [Inactive] Floppyswop -- A place for sharing any files small enough to fit on a conventional floppy disc [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev


[SFW] [Live] 3D Text Maker -- 3D text GIF generation [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] EzGIF.com -- Online animated GIF generation & editing [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] GIFCities -- Searchable Geocities GIF archive [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev

Web Hosting

[SFW] [Live] Neocities -- Free web hosting for old web style pages [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Geocities -- Free web hosting for old web style pages [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] txti -- Free web hosting for simple HTML pages without CSS [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev

Shock Sites

Politically Incorrect

[NSFW] [Live] NiggerMania -- Anti-black content & forums [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev


Conspiracy & Paranormal

[SFW] [Live] Above Top Secret -- Paranormal & conspiracy articles [link] added 10/11/19 by ~proto
[SFW] [Inactive] Exit Mundi -- End of the world scenarios [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] fUSION Anomaly. -- History ends in green [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev


[SFW] [Live] patron -- Mythology web-clique [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev

New Age




[SFW] [Live] Spyware Watchdog -- Program-by-program spyware assessment [link] [webmaster] [archive] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Fighting Against Wintermute -- How to combat against the Wintermute botnet, hosted on texti.es [link] [webmaster] [archive] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Dig Deeper -- Software & privacy, as well as other topics [link] [webmaster] [archive] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev

Emulation & Compatibility

[SFW] [Live] FreeDOS -- Open-source MS-DOS compatible operating system [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] WineHQ -- Windows compatability layer for Linux, macOS, & BSD [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev


[SFW] [Inactive] Obsolete Computer Museum -- Extensive gallery full of old computer hardware [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Vintage Computer Forums -- Forums for vintage computer discussion [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev


[SFW] [Live] Debian -- The Universal Operating System -- Official Debian website [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] The GNU Operating System -- Official GNU/Linux website [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Linux Mint -- Official Linux Mint website [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev

Video Games

[SFW] [Live] CammyFan.com -- Fansite for Cammy from Mortal Kombat [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Chocolate Doom -- Sourceport for Doom [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] GTA Online Webguide -- Grand Theft Auto fansite [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] IT-HE Software -- Fansite for various games [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Jazz Jackrabbit Online -- Jazz Jackrabbit fansite [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Kirby's Rainbow Resort -- Kirby fansite [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Dead] The Odyssey of Hyrule 2000 -- Legend of Zelda fansite [archive] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] The Oldskool PC -- Oldschool PC gaming site [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] The Velvet Room -- Persona fansite [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] VGMusic -- Video game MIDI music archive [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Worlds -- Abandoned user generated online 3D worlds. Makes for surreal exploration [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] ZDoom -- Sourceport for Doom [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev


[SFW] [Inactive] bitsavers.org -- Bitsavers software archive [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Free Software Foundation -- Free software activism [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Icculus.org -- Software repository [link] added 10/11/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] LittleGPTracker -- Music tracker optimised to run on portable game consoles [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] NoOOXML -- Anti-OOXML site [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] NTLM Authorization Proxy Server -- Proxy software that allows you to authenticate via an MS Proxy Server using the proprietary NTLM protocol [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev

Web Browsers

[SFW] [Live] Evolt.org Browser Archive -- Web browser archive [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Lynx Text Browser -- Text-based web browser [link] [webmaster] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] The Mozilla Museum -- Fansite for Mozilla's mascot [link] added 10/9/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] mozillaZine Forums -- Mozilla forum [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Netscape Browser Archive -- Archive of all versions of Netscape Navigator [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Live] Pale Moon Project -- Open-source Firefox fork for Windows and Linux operating systems [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev


[SFW] [Live] KMFMS - Kein Mitleid Für MicroSoft -- Anti-Microsoft information and merchandise [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] LitePC Technologies -- Paid Windows 98, 2000, and XP customization software [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] Micorsoft Windows Rules the Universe -- Anti-Microsoft humor page [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev
[SFW] [Inactive] Windows 7 Sins -- The case against Microsoft and propietary software [link] added 10/10/19 by ~2krev